Rick Treffers

Songs, language and music production

My music

Since 1995, I have been working as a songwriter, lyricist, singer, guitarist, recording engineer, arranger and producer. I released about ten albums with my own songs. In English with the melancholic music of Mist, in Dutch as Rick Treffers and, more recently, in Spanish as El Turista Optimista. Through the years, I have been doing live shows in Europe, Morocco, U.S.A. and Latin America and I have done music theatre in collaboration with several musicians, theatre companies, novelists and video artists in The Netherlands, Spain and U.K.


The Loop of Love The Loop of LoveMist2015Skipping Records
Selection SelectionMist2015Skipping Records
Ser español Ser españolEl Turista Optimista2013Skipping Records
Prettige Vooruitzichten Prettige VooruitzichtenRick Treffers2010Skipping Records/ Sonic Rendezvous
Mara MaraRick Treffers en Rob Kloet2009Skipping Records/ Sonic Rendezvous
Period PeriodMist2008Skipping Records/ Sonic Rendezvous
Het heeft niets met jou te maken Het Heeft Niets Met Jou Te MakenRick Treffers2007Silvox / Coast to Coast
Bye Bye Bye ByeMist2005Astro Discos / Sonic Rendezvous
Dangerous Words Dangerous WordsMist2004Astro Musica / Sonic Rendezvous
We Should have been Stars We Should Have Been StarsMist2003Astro Discos

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Music on demand

Music production

With my professional (and transportable) studio I can record and produce your music. I’m specialized in recording and mixing voices and acoustic instruments, can make arrangements and do the entire production of an album (audio and midi-recordings, final mix). I also like to coach singers and musicians during the process of composing, recording and production. Except for producing my own albums I worked for some Spanish and Dutch singersongwriters and multi-instrumentalists. I also worked with Dutch producers Martijn Groeneveld (Mailmen Studio) and Crip Theeuwes (Volver Sound Academy) who both helped me produce some of my albums.

Three examples:
Zomaar Goed
Soy muy formal
Stay on the Road


I compose and produce instrumental and vocal music for audiovisual productions. I have made music to measure for some educational series for kids and their parents as well as for Dutch and Finnish national TV (RTL 4, SBS 6, YLE). Some songs I wrote have been used in a German crime series (Tatort), the Dutch tv-series De Troon, in a Spanish spot against drugs and in a Mexican audio novel by Francisco Koloffón. My music has been approved and promoted by companies such as Massive Music and Music Skeleton that use, deliver and assemble music for advertising, film and other commercial purposes. My music is known for its moody, melodic and intimate character, but I also work with electronic beats and rock arrangements.

Link: Music for Film op YouTube

Songs on demand

I write songs on demand for birthday parties, weddings and other special occasions. In Dutch, Spanish and English. I listen thoroughly to the client’s wishes and ideas and based on that information I compose and record a song (or songs) for the occasion. I deliver finished product in mp3-format (both karaoke and vocal version) and the lyric. Depending on location I can also come and perform the song myself during the event. Characteristics of my songs on demand: original, catchy and with sense of humour.



Rick Treffers I do masterclasses on songwriting and I give entertaining lectures on the ‘the life of a song from A to Z’ and I have been giving participative workshops on setting up your own cultural event and recording your own music. I have done this at several music schools, music seminars, studios and universities in The Netherlands. I also occasionally teach Spanish, English and Dutch and give a course in Spain called “Singing in English”.


Translation and writing

As a language lover, I started working as a freelance translator and interpreter in 1997 (Spanish to Dutch, English to Dutch). I have fifteen years of experience as a journalist and I have been writing, editing, correcting and proofreading thousands of commercial texts for companies and freelancers.


Live in the Living

Since 2002 I organize intimate acoustic concerts at people’s living rooms under the name of Live in the Living. This innovative concept received much acclaim in the past decennium and is still active in Spain and Germany.





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